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About Me


Gasall Software is a one man show. I, Todd Gasall, like to write software. That's what I do for a living. Since 2001 I've been working on Java Web Applications. I've worked on many different systems, including Warehouse and Insurance web systems.


I wanted a place to put my stuff. I have dreams of developing valuable software for people. I figured I'd get something up and running so I can put it somewhere. As I get some of my software working I'll probably find a new home for it, but for now this is where it will go.

I don't see any software

You're right. There's nothing out here now. I've been working on some stuff. When I get it done you'll probably know about it (if you keep checking this site).

So why would I keep checking this site?

Because, I'm going to post some articles on different ideas about software out here. I hope that this will become an interesting place to discuss ideas in software development.